E-Mail on the Beach!

Our current project is to bridge the gap between wireless data communications, or packet radio, and the Internet. Because JHU has an existing Internet connection, we only need the following to set up our gateway:

We already have someone who will donate the computer, and we just need to petition the SAC for funding for the rest of the equipment. We hope to be able to place the system in the Gilman clock tower, so we can get great coverage on little power. We will open up the system to local HAM's with a small donation, which will support upgrades and repairs. The Linux system will provide a firewall so that only registered JHU HAMs will be able to access the internet through the connection.

Once this is complete, all you will need is a simple radio & a packet radio modem, which can be acquired for about $100 new, and you can connect your computer or laptop to the Internet from anywhere near campus.

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